New Beginnings – Life as a working class heroine. 

As of August 2016 I am officially part of the working class. No more sleeping in, no more skipping class at Uni. I have a real job now. Actually, it’s an apprenticeship at Swisscom but I think it still counts. I am training to be a “Mediamatician” – and no we don’t work at Media Markt. I do lots of administrative tasks, which basically means I spend mornings cursing Excel and then rejoicing when I finally get the job done. Part of the job is also being able to provide 1st Level IT Support. From what I can tell so far; about 50% of the time a reboot solves whatever problem you’re having. At the moment that is the most I am qualified to do, so please don’t call me for help. The third component that makes up being a “Mediamatician” is the one I enjoy most; I get to do loads of creative things like layouting flyers, creating apps or shooting advertisements.

I am enjoying work and I feel like this is exactly my job. However, as mentioned above, I can no longer just skip a day because I have real responsibilities now. That means less spontaneous adventures. Luckily, less doesn’t mean none and I have enough awesome friends who let me tag along on theirs.

One of the most awesome things that happened in the last two months was that Silke asked me to be her Maid of Honor. It was a perfect moment and Joel even captured it on camera. That is real joy, people. I was so hoping they’d ask me and I couldn’t be happier for them to get married, so I am looking forward to helping them with whatever they need and make their special day even more special. 

Another wee adventure I went on was the „Lange Nacht der Museen“ where the Museums stay open late and you can just roam through the city and visit as many as possible. We went as a group and I was happy to catch up with the girls, as I didn’t have time to socialise much due to work in the weeks before. We had a picnic in Platzspitz and then started with the Landesmuseum, continued on to Museum Rietberg, where we got to print a flower on a piece of fabric.

I’ve been longing to visit the Sukkulenten-Sammlung Zürich, Europe’s biggest collection of succulents (I think) and so we visited that as well. IT WAS AMAZING! There was one room that had a very low key purple lighting and fairy lights, it smelt amazing and plants were hanging from the celling; absolutely magical!

Our last stop was the Kunsthaus where they had a kind of nightclub and we spent the rest of the night dancing.

My next adventure really was an adventure and not just a night out 🙂

Marco took Lina and me flying! It was pretty surreal. You know how someone tells you they have an unusual skill and you are impressed but you don’t know what it actually means or does until you see it in person? I knew Marco could fly a plane but to actually be in the plane with him was something else entirely! However, I can now say with absolute certainty that he’s is a fantastic pilot and I am sure he’ll make an even better astronaut one day!

(I mean, just look at the pictures and see for yourself!)

We celebrated my birthday in a barn in Herferswil. Lina’s family did me a huge favour by letting us in there and Lina and I spent a good morning setting everything up. We then met up at the train station in Mettmenstetten at midnight and walked the 45min up to Lina’s house. I GOT THE MOST AMAZING FLAMINGO LAMP FROM PAVI! (Can you believe she made it herself? It’s the best thing ever!)

We spent the night in the barn and even got an hour or so of sleep in the hay bed we made.

Last but not least I finally developed the pictures of my underwater film camera. 

And that’s all for now. ❤

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