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​Autumn has finally arrived in Switzerland! 

I took a lovely daytrip to Lauterbrunnen in the Berner Oberland with Kim and Max. The weather wasn’t that great, so unfortunately we didn’t see any snowy mountains. However, the fog that crept over the hills and rocks actually looked amazing and despite the cold the view was quite spectacular. Lauterbrunnen Valley is also known as „Valley of the 72 Waterfalls“ and while we didn’t see 72 Waterfalls, we did see the Staubbachfall and the Trümmelbachfälle. The valley allegedly inspired Tolkien to create Rivendell. 

I also spent a night in Schloss Laufen at the Rheinfalls. I’ve never actually been to the Rheinfalls before and I decided that I simply had to visit them. There are so many tourisity things I haven’t done in Switzerland just because I’ve always lived here. So my mum and I spent the night there and then hiked part of the way back home along the Rhein the next day. 

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