Okay, so I realise that this might sound a bit hypocritical after the rant about how I hate winter in my last post
BUT I love mountains. I mean, come on; I’m Swiss. 

Even though I don’t ski (or snowboard) and I don’t like cheese, I like to think that I make up for it with my love of chocolate and mountains. Mind you, I don’t climb them or anything. In summer I love hiking and in winter I’m very comfortable just taking the train. 🙂 
So this week, for work, I got to go to Zermatt. I’ve only been there once so far and I had originally planned to go there this autumn (you might remember my urge to explore the touristy side of Switzerland). The last and only time I had visited Zermatt I was sixteen and to my disappointment the Matterhorn was wrapped in a cloud.

This time the sky was a clear blue, the sun was out and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. An absolute dream!
We were there to shoot a few scenes for a film I’m making for my division. Kern is a tremendously talented aspiring filmmaker/photographer and Sophie makes stunning photos as well, so our team was all about capturing the beautiful scenery on film! We had a fantastic time and the footage turned out great. 
I reckon that’s enough context, here are the pictures: 

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