I’m spending Christmas at Lina’s in Cambridge!

A colleague of hers suggested she visit Liverpool and we decided that we would so just that in the time I was in England. So the last three days we spent in Liverpool. The city is pretty cool. It has lots of lovely cafés and amazing museums. Thanks to it’s rich history involving trade, Liverpool presents itself as a very diverse city. We both agree that a couple more days definitely wouldn’t have hurt. I’d love to come back some day!

Meanwhile, here are some pictures of what we saw.

We were greeted with blue skies and sunshine. Pretty much the first thing we saw after getting off the train at Lime Street Station; the Liverbird. We instantly mistook it for a dragon. Luckily, Lina googled it later that night and set the record straight.

On Bold Street, we found an absolute dream of a coffee shop: Love Thy Neighbour. There seems to be a general affinity for neon signs in Liverpool (which made me very happy!) This café is no different. However, here they also have a ceiling covered in (fake) plants. DREAM COME TRUE!

Other restaurants I can recommend: Camp and Furnace and The Baltic Social in the Baltic Triangle area.

On Bold Street there’s also the Kasbah which serves Marrocan food and is delicious. If you’re looking for vintage clothes: We Are Cow, Resurrection and Soho’s are gold!

If you’re looking for a place with amazing filter coffee and bagels: The Bagelry is the place for you. 10/10 would recommend. (Also look at the amazing christmas tree!)

Albert Docks are great! There is water, atmospheric ships and Museums that tell you all about the city’s history. We visited the International Slavery Museum which was very impressive. The Beatles Muesum is so interactive and very well done I thought. It inspired our trip to the Cavern (one of the clubs where the Beatles first played)  and an immediate desire to listen to the Beatles! I also enjoyed the Tate and Lina tells me the Museum of Liverpool is also worth a visit. (Oh, if we only had had more time!)

Next to the Museum of Liverpool you’ll also find the Lambananas. 🙂

Last but not least we visited the Cathedral of Liverpool. (And of course they would have a NEON SIGN inside a GOTHIC church. Then again, the church was built in the 20th century, so fair enough)

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