I’m in Cambridge! But you might already know that, if you read my last blog post. 🙂 or follow me on instagram. Or talked to me in the last couple of weeks, BECAUSE I’M IN CAMBRIGDE WITH LINA!

I was so excited to come visit Lina and the last few days have been amazing! I got to spend the whole week with her and it’s been so great to catch up! I’m sad to leave already.

Lina promised that the bad English weather was a myth (or at least in Cambridge) and to be honest I didn’t really believe her. Especially after the heavy rainshowers in Liverpool, I had serious doubts. However, the sun’s been out every day, it’s fairly warm and there are even flowers blooming! The light conditions were especially good to take pictures. Unfortuantely, because it’s Christmas many Colleges weren’t open. I didn’t mind too much though, Cambridge is a lovely town itself and it gives me an excellent excuse to come visit Lina again!







This picture with the bicycle embodies everything I expected from Cambridge.

See what I mean with perfect light?

The one college that was open was Pembroke and I loved it. Again, the light was perfection!

We also visited the Fitzwilliam Museum. I can wholeheartedly recommend it even if it’s just to look at the ceiling! 🙂  (The rest of the museum is pretty cool as well)

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