I haven’t been to Rigi in years and even then I only spent a day at most. We used to go there for a snow day with our youth group and I don’t think I every really appreciated the view (Honestly, I had waaaay too much fun sledging, so don’t judge me).

This year the vbg snow weekend was in Rigi and pretty amazing. It was quite warm the past weeks and there was barely any snow, so I honestly didn’t expect much. I was mainly looking forward to going to the thermal spa and enjoying good company. However, on Friday it snowed quite a bit and Saturday was an incredible day. I actually nearly cried when I saw the sunset.

On Saturday, we hiked to Rigi Scheidegg in the morning.

After lunch, we immediately left to go to the thermal spa in Rigi Kaltbad. P R E T T Y   A M A Z I N G! You can go outside and enjoy the view.

Last but definitely not least we ended the day on Rigi Kulm on the peak of the mountain. There are no words, just enjoy!

My favourite picture of this blog post.


On Sunday we got up pretty early and enjoyed the sunrise.

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