It rains and rains and rains. Or at least that’s what it feels like – you know I love to overdramatise.
Nonetheless, it’s finally March. Instagram is full of flowers and lovely typography saying things like „Spring is here“. Guess what happens next; it starts snowing. And then it rains, for days. I have plans with Silke to go to Berschis, Flums on Sunday. The weather report promises us „slight rain“ and ten degrees Celcius. Perfect for hipster-waterfall-hike pictures. And then it starts raining and the report changes and says there will be snow and 4 degrees.

On Saturday, I meet up with Kim and as usual, we decide to go walking. It’s cloudy and everyone is waiting for the next rain shower. Equipped with my yellow raincoat and an umbrella we make our way from Hedingen to Jonen through the Jonental. The weather holds and at the end of our walk, we even see some rays of sunshine.

On Sunday morning, the weather is gorgeous. Blue skies, sunshine and a dangerous wall of dark grey clouds in the East, where Silke and I are heading. It doesn’t matter. We made up our minds and dressed for the occasion. Hiking boots, tights, and warm jumpers included. All the way to Wallenstadt, we doubt. It’s sunny and warm but somehow we still think there might be snow by the waterfall. There isn’t. In fact, the weather holds right until we come back home.
The day couldn’t have been more perfect. The fact that it had rained so much the previous days turned out to be a blessing in disguise; the stream has a lot of water and the waterfall looks quite spectacular thanks to it.

I definitely need to go back once it’s a bit greener. It’s super quiet and idyllic. Perfect for a late spring or early summer picnic. If anyone’s up for it, don’t hesitate to text me!

The only other people we meet are a jogger and a cute couple who also seem to be have come here for some pictures. The girl is wearing the same raincoat as me and I find out later that her name is also Noemi. (Thank you Instagram.)
This is funny to me because I’m pretty convinced that Noemis are cute, blonde girls. Meeting another brunette Noemi was quite the rarity.

Fast-forward one week. It’s Sunday again. The birds are singing and it smells like dirt and flowers.

I’m in Zurich in a park. There’s an adorable girl dancing around making bubbles and her toddler brother is trying to catch them. The sun’s out, everyone dressed down, put on their sunglasses, made their way outside. The bubbles are iridescent and make the weather and the atmosphere in the park all the better.

I love this.

This means that the days are getting longer, warmer. I can finally sit outside again, we can have picnics by the lake and stay out long after dark. I can go on midnight strolls again and lay in a field and watch the sky, counting shooting stars. THIS feels like the start of a new year.

What follows is a beautiful, warm week of spring. Trees are budding, there are daisies popping out of the ground and birds are singing in the morning when I wake up. It’s also light out when I have to catch the six o’clock train, something that gives me energy in the mornings.

On Saturday, the rain comes again. Nathania and I bought and painted signs for the Women’s March in Zurich. Nathania’s spells „be KIND“ and has yellow dots on it. Mine says „GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN – DAMENTAL RIGHTS“.

We’re both very excited, neither of us has ever been to a March before. The weather sucks but we don’t care. Dressed in our yellow raincoats we make our way to Myrta’s house for lunch. Together we make Pizza and have a lovely time. She is also kind enough to lend us pullovers because it’s quite a bit colder than we anticipated.

At one o’clock we meet up with Nadine, Sophie, Ines and Jasmin and make our way to Helvetiaplatz. All worries about tear gas and other potential threats seem to have left Nathania. She is happily counting all the bright pink pussy hats she sees on the way. At Helvetiaplatz, she realises that there are waaaay more hats than she can count and we choose to point out cools signs instead. There are lots of balloons, red fists and pink flags. An altogether lovely colourful crowd.

The march is equally pleasant. The rain isn’t bad and Myrta’s clothes keep us warm. Nathania is excited and at times it’s hard to keep up with her. She happily chants along with the crowd and bounces up and down to the music blasting.


The Jonenbach


The Berschnerfall








♥  Do you have any suggestions on places that I ABSOLUTELY NEED TO VISIT in Switzerland? Make my day; leave a comment ♥

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