Fragments of (Un)Reality

It’s been over a year now that I started this blog. Crazy how my life has changed during this year. Crazy might be the wrong word, I didn’t turn my life upside down or do something bold or reckless. I just have a proper job now, I occasionally wear high heels, I usually reply to work emails within twenty-four hours and I travel half way across Switzerland every Monday and Tuesday. Tiny changes but changes still. So yeah. Work still dominates my life. I think in one of my “I hate winter”-posts I mentioned how the closest thing to nature I get are the birch trees on the Starbucks coffee cups. Well, I bring my own Bialetti-brewed coffee to work now, so I don’t even have that going for me anymore. I intended to post this picture dump of memories before my summer holiday started. That was a week and one day ago.

I’ve written and re-written this post a million times now and I just can’t seem to get it right. It’s always either too personal or too shallow. Anyway, I’m going out tonight and I promised myself I’d publish this post before that, so we go! Thanks to Pavi I now have a title (how lovely and poetic!?) and I still have five minutes to publish because Pavi is running late. Let’s do this.



Still not sure if going to the greenhouse, drinking tea and eating carrot cake counts as going outside… This was back in April when I dyed my hair red and the flowers at the Stadtgärtnerei bloomed like crazy.

Next up the MFO Park in Oerlikon. Loved this afternoon with Julienne. We looked super cute, the location was amazing and it’s always lovely to spend time with people you don’t see that often.

MFO-31-01 MFO-35-01


Julienne and I also did a Mister X through Zurich. Like last time, it rained. In fact, it rained so much that we decided to break it off. Luckily we have great friends and all 17 of us got invited to someone’s home and the evening turned out to be quite lovely after all. On our way back to the Friedenskirche I took this pretty lovely picture.

IMG_20170619_220744   IMG_20170619_220723

Some cute pictures of the night sky in between. Speaking of cute. Less than a month till Silke and Joel get married. I got to share two fairly big events in their lives. They moved in together and celebrated their hen/stag night. Because Joel is camera shy, I don’t really have any pictures. Here are two I took anyway.

cof   Dance-1

In case anyone is looking for a good trail for a Sunday afternoon walk; Küsnachtertobel is amazing. Bring your swimsuit, the water is lovely as well!

Also: I say walk because it’s an easy trail. However, I ended up with two blisters because I wore the wrong shoes. I then decided to take them off and walk barefoot. Worked fine while I was still in the forest. Later in the city when I went to see Valerian in the cinema I burnt the sole of my feet pretty badly though. So like. Wear proper shoes.




Küsnacht-19-01   Küsnacht-23-01



For my dad’s birthday, we went to the Zoo with the whole family. I took a billion pictures of the flamingoes (because flamingoes rule!) and ended up forgetting I had my camera with me. I got some cool elephant butts though 🙂


Zoo-31   Zoo-3-01

Zoo-9-01   Zoo-11

As a start of my holidays, I usually get up at like 4 in the morning and walk to Türlersee. I really love doing it and it’s become somewhat of a tradition. This time my family decided to join and because Nathania is a bit slower we got up at 3:15. It was pitch black when we left the house but arrived just as the sun started to rise.

cof   cof

First of August, our national holiday. I’m not sure if I mentioned this last year, but I really don’t care for this holiday. Silke and Joel however,  are OBSESSED. Like. Silke even has napkins with our flag on them. I love spending time with other people so this First of August turned out to be pretty amazing. I spent the entire day with friends, from Brunch in the morning to afternoon naps to an amazing sunset and fireworks in the evening. 10/10 would do again.


1August-7-01   1August-14-01

As I am now actually on holiday, I even managed to get out of the house and into the mountains. Oeschinensee. I forgot my camera at home (but brought the tripod and two lenses AND a backup battery. Classic me.) so all I have are low-quality phone pictures. They’re still quite pretty, so I’m going to leave some of them here anyway.



And that’s that. I’m heading to Alpstein tomorrow, so hopefully, we’ll get another post out of that as well!

As always, I’d be happy to hear your thoughts on the post. Especially because it’s a bit of an experiment this time 🙂

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