I can’t remember whether I mentioned this in my London post yesterday but I’ve been staying in Cambridge for the last four days. It’s my second time visiting Lina, last time being at Christmas. Since then, I have upgraded from sleeping on the floor to an actual bed. Actually, „actual bed“ is probably too generous of a word. Metal frame with a thin matress would be more honest. My back and I are not complaining though, we’re very happy with this development.

Of my four days in the UK, I spent the first two in London. I’d go there during the day and then come back for dinner with Lina. On the first day, I was back in Cambridge quite early which was nice since the weather was also great. Lina took me to see some of the Colleges that were closed when I was here in winter. I was super excited to finally see the Bridge of Sighs up close! And not only that; Lina knew how to actually get inside and took me over the bridge! On Sunday, the weather was gorgeous as well. After a lovely breakfast we headed into town to see some more colleges. We also had coffee in a café that overlooked the mathematical bridge and the punters. Pretty cool ♥ In the afternoon, I went to see the Degas exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum.

Today, the weather wasn’t that great. There wasn’t any rain but it was quite dark and cloudy. Lina had a lecture in the morning so she recommended I visit Grantchester in the meantime. It was a lovely walk along the river and I rewarded myself with two pieces of cake and a nice cup of coffee in the Orchard, a restaurant Lina recommended.

It was very interesting to see how much of Cambridge changed, now that the students are back in town. Over Christmas there were barley any tourists and nearly no students around. Now, all the cafés are crowded and there are tourists everywhere. It was nice to peak into Lina’s everyday life as well. Usually I only get texts about what’s going on and actually seeing some of the stuff I’ve heard about was pretty cool.

I had a lovely stay in Cambridge, even though it was a lot different from the last time. I also made a tiny video postcard again, you can watch it here.

In case you were wondering what to expect next: I’m heading up north tomorrow. I’ll spend the afternoon in Leeds and visit Haworth on Wednesday and then go stay with the Erskines in Hazel Grove from Wednesday evening to Sunday. SUPER EXCITED for all of that. ♥


2017-10-06 09.28.32 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.29 1.jpg    2017-10-06 09.28.27 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.25 1.jpg    2017-10-06 09.28.22 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.26 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.17 1.jpg    2017-10-06 09.28.16 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.14 1.jpg    2017-10-06 09.28.12 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.11 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.06 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.09 1.jpg    2017-10-06 09.28.05 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.04 1.jpg


2017-10-08 06.34.04 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.59 1.jpg    2017-10-08 06.34.04 2.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.54 1.jpg    2017-10-08 06.33.55 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.51 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.53 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.47 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.41 1.jpg    2017-10-08 06.33.39 1.jpg

2017-10-06 09.28.31 1.jpg    2017-10-08 06.33.37 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.36 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.34 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.25 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.26 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.21 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.18 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.17 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.08 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.04 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.33.01 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.32.57 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.32.55 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.32.54 1.jpg    2017-10-08 06.32.53 1.jpg

2017-10-08 06.32.53 2.jpg

2017-10-09 06.18.26 2.jpg


2017-10-09 05.35.48 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.46 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.44 1.jpg    2017-10-09 05.35.38 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.32 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.34.58 1.jpg   2017-10-09 05.35.28 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.19 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.17 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.13 1.jpg    2017-10-09 05.35.11 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.10 1.jpg    2017-10-09 05.35.09 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.35.03 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.34.59 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.34.55 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.34.54 1.jpg

2017-10-09 05.34.51 1.jpg

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